Sustainability and Diversity


Dayton Freight is committed to the health of the planet and our communities. As a SmartWay Transport Partner, our ongoing Go Green efforts include:

Service Center Initiatives

  • Strategically placed Service Centers allowing us to be closer to our customers and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Routes planned accordingly to reduce engine idling time, improve engine life and save money on fuel
  • Routinely retrofit Service Centers to LED lighting
  • Utilize energy saving equipment in new or remodeled facilities


Equipment Initiatives

  • Yearly purchase of new tractors, trailers and forklifts. Retire old models to help increase efficiencies, meet regulations and improve air quality
  • Better engine life with selected high efficiency vehicle components including alternators, transmissions and drive axles
  • Economic shipping solutions with our versatile equipment including: bruck trucks, eVans and a variety of trailer sizes
  • Regular scheduled preventive maintenance and OEM requirements
  • Wingman Fusion trucks added to our fleet to help decrease accidents and over speed incidents
  • Testing battery powered equipment in select markets
  • Proper recycling of used oils, scrap metal, filters and aerosol cans.

Technology Initiatives

  • Paperless systems
  • Digital documentation and viewing
  • Use biodegradable products and technology
  • Routine electronic/computer upgrades to better power efficient devices
  • Implemented data center cooling options to reduce electric costs



We take pride in our diverse employees who are a great representation of what our culture is all about. We are committed to learn and grow as the world evolves. Our ongoing efforts of diversity and inclusion in the workplace include:

Family Owned

Emphasis on work and home life balance


A diverse workforce is selected through a variety of online platforms


Ongoing training in areas such as safety, leadership and maintenance


Offer competitive insurance packages, benefits plan and an Employee Assistance Program


All employees review the handbook, policies and train with leaders before initial responsibilities begin

Leadership Climate Survey

Dispersed to all employees once a year to evaluate direct leadership so any areas of concern are addressed

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